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Expert Franchise Advisers

Expert Franchise Advice

DAB Financial Solutions Group and Business Adviser proudly offers Due Diligence and Post-selection Support a comprehensive service tailored to address all the intricacies of franchise systems. Our knowledgeable team stands ready to assist both potential franchisors considering rolling out new franchise ventures, individuals considering becoming franchisees and existing franchisees encountering issues within their current franchise arrangements.

Our Services for Franchisors

From conceptualising the best business model to ensuring optimal long-term growth, we provide full spectrum support to franchisors. Those who select franchising as a growth strategy will benefit from our project management as we oversee the franchise build to completion. Furthermore, we facilitate the effective marketing of franchisee territory sales, serving as business agents with the end goal in mind.

Our journey doesn’t stop there. As the franchisee model grows, we evolve into facilitating the operational systems and maintaining the professional and financial stability of the franchisor. We offer virtual CEO, CFO, and COO support for the franchisor and can provide completely outsourced financial services including payroll to your potential franchisees to make your franchising proposition stand out from the competitors.

Our Services for Franchisees

Pre-franchise Consultation

Aspiring franchisees can rely on us for an in-depth pre-franchise consultation. We assist you in identifying your skills, your lifestyle, and family expectations to help you choose the right franchise. This way, we help you reduce the risk of making a bad decision.

Due Diligence and Post-selection Support

As business advisors, valuers, business agents, Chartered Accountants and registered company auditors we assist with the due diligence process to ensure that your franchise investment is not only financially viable but also based on a solid framework. Once the selection process is complete, we assist with:

Structure set up for asset protection and efficiency.
Bookkeeping, finance, and management support
Insurance, legal, and technology set up.

Please note that we do not act for both franchisors and franchisees as this would be a conflict of interest.

Professional Business Advisory Expertise

Our professional business advisory team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every consultation. Our advisors understand the complex and dynamic nature of franchises and are equipped with the tools and insights to help clients succeed in this competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Understanding of Australian Franchise Laws

We maintain an up-to-date, nuanced understanding of Australian Franchise Laws. This not only ensures our clients remain compliant but also provides strategic advantages. Our expertise spans the Franchising Code of Conduct, disclosure documents, franchise agreements and typical issues surrounding intellectual property, leasing, and employment laws.

Supporting Current Franchisees

If you’re already part of a franchise and experiencing issues, DAB Financial Solutions Group and Business Adviser can provide professional advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

Resolving Disputes

Our advisors are well versed in negotiation and conflict resolution strategies. We can help mediate between franchisees and franchisors to find amicable and fair solutions.

Evaluating Franchise Performance

We can help you understand the financial health of your franchise, identify areas for improvement, and formulate strategies for growth.

Trust in DAB Financial Solutions Group and Business Adviser

In every consultation, we prioritise your business interests and offer solutions that align with your strategic objectives. Let DAB Financial Solutions Group and Business Adviser guide you through the intricate world of franchising with our professional, reliable, and trustworthy service. Let us help you make your franchise business a success story.

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