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Go to Market Strategy


Setting and executing effectively the Go To Market plan is the most important step in ensuring a firm’s longevity, profitability, and directed success.

Stakeholder Identification and Goal Setting

The process starts with a clear definition of the key internal stakeholders, Board, and investors’ individual goals for the company and the time frame available to achieve those goals. It is essential that the personal and corporate goals of the individuals leading are clearly understood before the next step can be taken. Having identified the drivers and therefore the success criteria, a critical review of the Mission Statement and Business Plan occurs to ensure that they can deliver on the goals.

Plan Development and Key Elements

The Go To Market plan is then developed in conjunction with the management team and stakeholders. Key elements of the plan focus on understanding:
1.   What business issue/area of pain did current clients initially have that drove them to spend?
2.   Why did they choose your firm as the provider?
3.   What has their experience been during the engagement?

Assessment and Strategy Formulation

An assessment is then made as to the likelihood of achieving repeatable, portable success delivering similar solutions into firms and government entities that share the business issues of current clients. This pictorial assessment provides the backbone of the country strategy for the short to medium term.

Plan Implementation

Once approved, the plan is implemented in sections that include marketing, recruitment, sales model, sales compensation plans, alliance program, channel program, and targeted template-driven territory plans completed by salespeople and key indirect revenue sources.

Driving Implementation and Business Acquisition

The next step is to drive the implementation and win the business. DAB Financial Group and Business Advisory typically assists sales staff with specific sector plans, prospect & qualification techniques, joint sales calls, pitch development, marketing department goaling, tender response, and the skills enhancement of sales staff in the areas of presentation skills, complex sale methods, key account planning, major bid workshops, and closing technique.

Sales Force Integration 

By the six-month period, the sales force is focused, driven, incented, and feeling supported by the entire business – who as a result of the consultative Go to Market plan process understand the sales representation to the market and how those efforts when supported will deliver on the goals of the firm.


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