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Financial Accounting

But what do your financials mean??

  • We endeavour to make your report as simple as possible in lingo that you understand. Upon taking on your assignment we review how you want to know the information presented.
  • Simplicity aside the devil is in the detail and there is a fair amount of work that goes behind providing accurate accounts to produce regular reporting.
  • This is the regular reporting comprising profit and loss and balance sheet.
  • We take particular pride in ensuring all general ledger accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis and not at year end only – as a minimum quarterly so your BAS reports marry up to your internal management accounts
  • Do you know the difference between cash and accrual accounting?
  • Your priority is accurate management accounts to allow you make proper decisions
  • The production of a BAS is secondary (Don’t tell the ATO about this!).
  • corporations law requirements under S286. That is, the books of accounts have been kept that would allow an audit to be undertaken to provide an opinion as to whether the accounts are true and fair.



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